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Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
Hello, happy new year everyone! My opening tune for year 2013 is on the webs. This is a trance tune titled "Music is good" - check it out and let me know your thoughts.
Ok Ill write this message while listening. Nice intro to the beat, mix seems nice and clean. Bass not to much presence, the blip is a little to loud just a notch. like the lead introduction, nice choice of melody until now but a but standard. Which might be good, good introduction of the percussive thing in the background very nice. Vocals are back, i dont particularly like them, but i dont dislike them either. The women screaming ohh once isnt of much purpose. Like the introduction to the arp 303 like lead. bleep too loud again. nice pause there and the introduction to the main theme. Could have used a bit more carriage, to carry it upwards. Music is good indeed! Nice there is the percussive thing again, liking that. Yeah yeah yeah is a bit odd again.

All in all I like the track! With a little more work you have it perfect