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Exclamation another live Reason broadcast later on today...

Hey guys I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be doing another live Reason broadcast on my Ustream channel at 4pm eastern standard time today ( For those of you who have watched before I have figured out the issue with the screen resolution so you should be able to see my live screen better. Again I want to thank those who have showed up for my other broadcast and all the support/encouragement I've been getting.

Today I will be going over how to make sure your compression settings are improving your drum samples and not making things worse. After words I might go through another mixing session.

I hope you guys show up for the broadcast. Also if you "like" me on facebook through my ustream channel (which will require you log into your facebook) I will be able to see your name in the live chat.

Again the broadcast will be starting at 4pm eastern standard time. Peace!