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Balance + DSP for zero latency Rack Extension effects

This would be a new version of balance (with more IO as well) with a DSP chip.

Not just any DSP chip - a DSP chip that can run effect class Rack extensions natively.


You are recording a singer and a guitar player. The singer wants to hear a little compression and comfort reverb while singing. The guitarist is playing a riff that will use Polar.

Right now they both have to go through the interface, into the computer, and back out to the performers. Adding effects this way introduces latency. Guitarist either has to play completely dry and guess how it will sound with Polar, or deal with the frustration of the feel being off.

With balance + a DSP chip, you could have a Balance window in your workflow and drag and drop an RE-2A and TSAR-1R into the mic input section of Balance. Set the levels in the window, select whether you're recording the effected signal, the dry signal, or both. Then drag a Polar over to line input that is recording the guitarist's amp modeler.