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Originally Posted by nhansen View Post
..but you can only use the effects live then, adding DSP-driven plugins within reason would be a whole different thing. Just get an audio interface that does this like some of the Line6 ones, the Avid Eleven Rack, an Uaudio Apollo or just connect effects devices before your inputs I don't think this would fit to Reason as its native by tradition and this would open up a whole different can of worms.
It doesn't limit reason in any way. All it does is create a way to use reason specific Rack Extensions as you're recording without dealing with latency issues.

Saffire PRO 24 DSP has basic Reverb / compression, but that's another piece of hardware. And adding an apollo or anything else doesn't recreate unique reason devices like Polar.

When you're using a creative effect that will not just be an 'effect' but part of your performance, being able to use it properly - preserving the feel of a real, live performance with the effect used as intended - is vital.