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Question OK really want to get it right...

Just reading all these messages is making me uneasy with how RSN 6.52 is gonna work on my newer Mac...

I had bought RSN 2 and upgraded right now to 6.52 so naturally COULD not WAIT to hear it after all watching a gillion youtube videos and reading all kind of good things.

SO: I DL'd the the big 6.52 RSN file, and launched it, rebooted and launched again... and had to enter my name and password from the PH site to get working...

Exited and relaunched had to RE enter the F-ing Password info...

OK 3rd time? same re- entry ? Sent a message to PH: do I need to register AFTER getting the mailed IGNITION KEY/box or register now? The RSN number is a lot shorter than before - is that because it's incomplete until I register? I am thinking that I need to have internet connectivity everytime I like use REASON until I get the key? Is this correct?

Like I said, reading posts here makes me nervous as I am OLD and experienced the utter WASTE OF MY LIFE WHEN CUBASE AUDIO first came out and DID NOT WORK - on a PC that was over specified for the requirements. So I know that RELEASES are sometimes TOO EARLY in my opinion. Like many have said:
I want to just make music and not troubleshoot my setup and by the time it's working: I got nothing!!
Inspiration BYE BYE! (not to sound biased but that is when I bought a Mac.)

PROPS: please please make it all work before releasing, please.
I (like many others) don't like to HOVER online all day on my music making computer so having to repeatedly enter my info is a real pain in the mouse.

The sequence of how to do this for people upgrading, authorizing, etc would be greatly appreciated. I read all you have and can't find the detailed info. So when I get the key is that when I register/authorize?
Isn't that the same thing. OK sorry to sound like a broken record.


Soundcloud/rama4 if anyone like hear some tracks

THANKyou for reading and commenting...