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Thought comes just as you go away.....

If we've got a PX7 RE, would there be a.... PX816 in the works? Actually, I've gone back to think what I'd got on an old DX1. That had all the parameters displayed, so the PX7 is closer to that. Hmmm? What else did I have on......? The DX1 was really a pair of DX7 synths, but with parameters displayed.

Another thought! It's a side-subject.
Tony Wride, founder of DX Owners Club, could still have the library of sounds somewhere. Unless he's like me and moved a few times over the last 30 years! Somewhere, I know there's my old DX's, but where? I've lost track and lost so much I would've liked to have held on to.
Perhaps someone over at Yamaha has things gathering dust. Martin or Dave come to mind. Mind you, they're likely to have moved on.
Anything's worth a shot. Tony, when I last heard, was connected with The Human League at their base/studio in Sheffield. Neil, H-L's keyboard player, might be worth a call too.

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