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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
I disagree, the mono button should be on the main mixer (outputs) as that is where it will be used.
You will only use it on the main output if you want to export a mix in mono. A mono button is for LISTENING in mono to check for any issues, not for converting the mix to mono for export. This is why it is put in the monitor path, because that's the place where it will be used (and it prevents any accidental mono exporting).

Compare this to a volume control on your audio card - why not just move the master fader to control the speaker volume? It is for the same reason - it's the MONITOR you want to adjust for level or for checking mono compatibility, not the actual mix.

Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
Props could add an option to override recording if mono is engaged.
Or they could put the mono button in the monitor path where it will not need any extra override function - simpler is usually better.

Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
Couldn't Props develop a routing patch to overcome this?
With a cut button for each speaker there's no need for a patch to overcome anything. Again, simpler is usually better IMO. :-)
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