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Originally Posted by CHAZM View Post
The option to automatically name tracks the same as devices.
It says Hook Piano on the Mixer, Hook Piano on the rack, then why the friggedy frack does it say Antidote3 on the seq?
This could be a choice to set it up this way or the original way.

Same with the solo and mutes. PLLLLLEASE!!!!! Ok maybe someone likes two different sets of mutes and solos, well fine but please give us the CHOICE of having just one set that works over all.
Naming tracks from the rack and the sequencer works for me - the only time it doesn't work is when you name tracks from the mixer (and I'm not sure why).

As for the perennial solo question, since there are two independent solo functions, therefore there's actually no way they could be controlled from a single source. Best they could do is to eliminate the solo in the sequencer so this question wouldn't keep coming up (I kid, I NEED both functions myself). :-)
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