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Exclamation Is Balance broken, or is it my mic?

Oddest thing just happened. I went to record a vocal, and I couldn't clip.

I do not mean clip safe was engaged (it was, but I turned it off to check how far the db would go). It's like there is a brick wall limiter on it. When I view the meter, even at the highest sensitivity, the dbs stop at exactly -16db. The odd thing is, my Balance will show that there is clipping (signal/clip will turn red), but doesn't go into red (or yellow for that matter) on the digital meter. This also means that with clipsafe on, it doesnt even get loud enough to use the clip safe function.

Im worried because,
  1. It used to function as anticipated,
  2. Now, when I overdub (I only track vocal in my set up), it cant get a good s/n ratio, like before.

I restart my MBA (late-2012, 8gb, i7), and this did not help. My Balance is connected to a usb 3.0 hub, so I tried with it connected directly to the mac...did not help. I tried using the mic on the 2nd input...same results. Im not sure what else I could do.

Reinstall Reason?

I dont have another mic to test, as of yet...but I wonder if a broken mic would actually just limit itself to exact -16db. Its an MXL 770, if that matters to anyone.

Any thoughts?

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