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ok. bear with me...

I play live with reason and my hardware is as follows:

computer: MacBook Pro 13" standard (July 2012 model - not retina model)
software running: Reason + MySongbook (for words as my memory is poor)
Audio Card : M-Audio Fastrack c600
Microphone: Shure SM58 Vocal mic with standard 3pin mic lead
Bass: Non Branded 5 string Electric blue bass with standard 1/4" jack lead
Keyboard 1: M-Audio Keystation es88 via USB midi (Plus 5 or 9v power supply 'cos in the past I've been to some freaky places where the power supply is crap and therefore the usb audio +power cuts out midway through a song. Lesson learnt - dont rely always on USB as power source as well as data)
Keyboard 2: borrowing a friends old ensoniq keyboard via 5pin din MIDI cable.

Did you get all that?

now for the setup:

on keyboard one I have approx nine combinators/patches that I've kept tracks for and consequently can switch through them at the touch of one of the es88's programmable buttons. I have not found a way to stop t=it moving up or down before it reaches the audio tracks though. If I go to far then move back to the MIDI tracks then I have to go into the track mode (F7) and record activate the vocals or bass line. IF ANYONE HAS A MORE ELEGANT WAY TO DO THIS I'M ALL EARS.

ps. keyboard one is set to master controller

Keyboard 2: I have 9 sounds exactly and the keyboard has an up and down button that toggles through the 9 transmit channels. I switch this keyboard off (in the same screen as where keyboard 1 is made into master controller). and I delete the tracks of all combinators/ patches for keyboard 2. How do recall them? simple. I use advanced MIDI settings have it in Bus A and then in the rack (F6) right up top in the Advanced MIDI section I insert the patch/combinator into in a slot (9 out of the possible 16 channels). once again ; IF ANYONE CAN DO THIS MORE ELEGANTLY PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

There you have it. I works for me in my situation (which is as a live three piece covers band). I hope to swap my friends keyboard (2) with something that I own (am currently looking at a couple of keyboards but thats a discussion for a separate post).

ps. CPU strain has not been a problem.
pps Even though APPLE have a decent reputation with their CORE AUDIO internal sound I still would get an external sound card.
ppps. I'm not looking for endorsement from M-Audio. It just happened that way. (One was a free upgrade from a keyboard that repairers couldnt fix the other was the last one in a sale going cheap) very happy with both mind you ;-p