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Originally Posted by CHAZM View Post
Ok I didn't know that this question keeps coming up. Perhaps I should ask WHY there's 2 sets of mute,solo buttons. Also selig, I fully understand that everyone has their own workflow but why do you need both functions?
I know I', not Selig, but sometimes I need both functions myself.
So the Solo in the Sequencer, will solo sequencer Data. Meaning none of the other Devices are receiving any note/Automation Data. Why would I want that? For example I would like to check a send effect for just one instrument. With the Sequencer Solo none of the other instruments (even if set to Pre) will play, making it easy for me to check the send signal for just one single instrument.
why would I want it any other way?
I would like for example to have the Bassdrum to sidechain my Pad, but I don't want to hear the Bassdrum. The way it's set up now, I can mute the Bassdrums Mixer channel and still the Pad gets pumped, because I mute the signal after the insert section, which is where I'll get my Bassdrum from.