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Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
I'm all for new options, but consider this:
when you split a signal to do parallel processing, or connect Redrum outputs to individual mixer channels, wouldn't you like to have a seperate label for each channel, or would you like all to be called "drums"?
If I make a 2 Subtractor tracks and name one track Bass and the other chords. I'd like the rack and mixer names to say the same.But once you start splitting things it's a completely different subject. But i'd be happy even if they all took the name of the SOUND. At least then, when you split the redrum to mixer channels, they would be named something logical like hardkick, meatsnare,or hiperc. and as far as splitting, as it is now the line that I split to a compressor for parallel is then called the name of the last device in the chain, no?
What I'm asking for happens at the Beginning of the process. Having an orderly start makes spagetti much more manageable down the road.