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For Those Using Balance on iMac

I am having issues with Balance on my i5 iMac (see:, and while I wait for support to respond via e-mail, I wanted to pick the brains of those that use Balance on their iMac...
  1. Do you leave the Balance plugged in via USB all the time, even when Reason isn't running?
  2. When you boot up the iMac, is Balance plugged in via USB before bootup, or do you plug it in after the iMac has fully booted up?
  3. If you leave Balance plugged in (especially at bootup), does the Balance turn on properly, appear in Audio settings for OS X, and generally work without fuss?

Short version of my other thread: when I boot up the iMac, the Balance comes to life briefly after the iMac chimes, and then goes dead. Once the iMac is fully booted, the Balance is unresponsive, doesn't appear in Sound settings on OS X, and nothing is lit up on the Balance. The only way to get Balance working is to unplug it from USB and plug it back in after the iMac is fully booted to the desktop.

So... is this typical, or is there something wrong with my Balance?