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I am not experienced with mastering, but have been curious about learning basic mastering techniques over the last few months. There are a bunch of videos you can find on youtube that deal strictly with the mastering process, completely separate from the final mix process. There are some Reason-based videos out there, but most of the ones I found were VST/AU plugin related. Some VST/AU ideas can be applied using devices in the Reason rack. Some cannot. The Ozone5 Advanced mastering suite plugins come to mind. Not only are they beautifully designed and well thought out, but the extra visual feedback is amazing. There are plenty of other plugins you could use. The Ozone ones are the last ones I viewed, so they are fresh in my mind.

The types of youtube videos you will find will take you through different approaches to compression for mastering, EQ, stereo imaging, matching levels between songs etc. From what I've seen, you pull all of the final stereo mixes of songs for your album into one new "song" so they are either lined up one after the other, daisy chained (but on separate stereo tracks) or just lined up on top of each other. Depends if you want to hear one song fade out and into another or not. You can then compare EQ, loudness, tempo flow etc., between all of the songs. So spend some time searching youtube for mastering, mastering plugins, mastering albums etc.

I would think that yes, you would have a different compressor for each song as well as separate everything else. Each song would have to be tweaked independently of the others to get them all to flow together better. Automating any changes you want to make to these mastering effects would, of course, be a good idea.

Keep in mind, you should not be using mastering techniques for making stereo mixes of your songs. I started doing this a while ago and learned the hard way that it makes actual mastering MUCH harder, if not impossible. Only after you have mixed your songs to stereo, final tracks, do you then pull them together and switch gears into mastering mode.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction. As stated, I am a beginner when it comes to mastering.

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