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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
I can't see why it should be a problem to a put a mono button anywhere the user chooses.
So the user doesn't shoot themselves in the foot when exporting and blame the software. I'm sure props could come up with a way to implement a mono button that could be located on any output. If used on the main outs, Reason could popup a reminder that you have the main mono button pressed in when exporting and ask if you'd like to disable it or not. Simple. If being asked that question every time you export gets annoying, they could also have a, "don't ask me again" option in the popup that toggles a master setting somewhere in the Reason preferences in case you want to turn the popup reminder back on again at a later date.

I think I do agree with Selig, however, that keeping it inline with how real world consoles are setup and used in studio environments would probably be best. Engineers have dealt with things like this for a long, long time. I trust their process. Having too much control over such things can all too often cause much more harm than good.

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