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Originally Posted by LeopoldStotch View Post
They could put it in preferences to link the mute buttons. Pressing one would activate / deactivate both.
Muting/Soloing both does nothing different than muting/soloing one - why would this be an advantage?

Originally Posted by rogerlevy View Post
Yeah having two separate ones is too complicated and messes me up a lot, I would opt to use that option.
How does it mess you up?

Originally Posted by CHAZM View Post
Ok I didn't know that this question keeps coming up. Perhaps I should ask WHY there's 2 sets of mute,solo buttons. Also selig, I fully understand that everyone has their own workflow but why do you need both functions?
Because they do different things! Other have given their examples, but I'll give mine below (again!). But I DO find it strange that no one has ever suggested the 14:2 mutes/solos should be linked with the sequencer, and Reason has been that way since day one! It's the same thing with the SSL mixer - they are two separate sub-systems of the Reason "Studio".

One reason where linking just plain wouldn't work would be if you were using a ReDrum track in the sequencer feeding multiple mixer tracks - which mixer channel would you link to the sequencer? Another example of why they are separate would be if you have recorded a track in the sequencer and need to mute it to play that instrument "live". And yet another would be if you had stacked a sequencer track to play multiple instruments, like strings and piano (patched to separate mixer channels). If you want to mute the entire performance, mute in the sequencer. If you want to mute just the strings, mute in the mixer.

But the real question I haven't heard answered would be WHY? If one is muted, why on earth would you need the other to ALSO be muted? There would be no advantages that I'm aware of to muting or soloing a track twice - think about it… ;-)

So the only time linking would actually work would be if one sequencer track is feeding one and only one mixer track. Yet linking them it that situation makes no sense, as it wouldn't make a track mute or solo any different to how it works now, as far as I can tell. In other words, once you mute the track in one location, muting it in another (via linking or manually) won't change what you're hearing in any way, right?

Maybe someone has an example of how linking would be useful, and how you would implement it to work correctly in all situations? :-)
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