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No offense, but you can only make a statement like this if you know what the problem is and what it isn't.

Also, I can't see that being that isn't running can't do anything.

It is possible that something else got corrupted during the install process.

What is your OS? What version of Reason? is it from a CD/DVD or a download? If it is a download, from where did you download it?

Meanwhile, it's a good idea to register your reason license on the site (your account at top of page) so you can ask support questions in the user forum.
I believe I did state my own disclaimer in the last paragraph about my assumptions. In fact I think it's rather clearly implied that I am making conjectures because I specifically dont know whats wrong. If I did, I could fix it. Nevertheless Im not sure why pointing that out is in anyway helpful.

Even so, I think it is fair to make that conjecture that Reason is the problem when nearly all roads lead to roam so to speak. If the midi only works in reason, then it would be fair to hypothesize that reason has somehow rewired the signal to go only through it.

I really need help, and everyone I've consulted has unfortunately not been able to fix the problem.

I'm looking for someone who knows why this is happening to me. Please help me.