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Originally Posted by Thomas111 View Post
I have been researching for about a month and intel cpu's sandy bridge and ivy bridge seem to be whats available now.For cpu i was thinking of getting a Intel Core i5-3570K still would like to get reason user's opinions on the matter.
I just built a new pc for reason.
i7 3770K
8GB 1330 RAM
Samsung 840 SSD
Windows 7 64Bit

Was making my 4th song since getting the computer up and running last night and got the 'computer too slow' message...

My FX chains get pretty crazy and I have CV everywhere

4X Antidotes
1X Ge-Tron
4X Biltley Platinum Combi's
2X ReDrum

4X CV Tuner
1X Uhbik F
3X Echobode
1X DCAM Env Shaper
4X ReSampler
5X Pulsar
3X Standard Envelope Filters
Plus a few more that I cant think of right now, at work so don't have access to Reason...

But yeah pretty beast now I look at that list (I was really disappointed when the msg came up last night, I just saved my song and went to bed..)

If you can, I really recommend an i7 3770 / 3770K.
A SSD drive makes an incredible difference to windows load times too
Windows 64BIT
i7 3770K, 16GB RAM, SSD, Focusrite 18i6.
57 RE's and counting...


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