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I'm doing a similar thing for live keys with my Macbook and Reason and an old M-Audio controller. I'm just using all the great Thor patches etc. I know people say set each one up as a separate song, but if it's just a song patch, all the windows seem a little like overkill to me?

Instead, I just create each sound I want as an "instrument" in a single song rack, wire in reverbs if I need to, and leave it, like my old physical racks were. (I used to actually screwdriver rackmount sound modules into an SKB rack and patch them through Alesis Quadraverb and phaser pedals and foot controllers to change patches. This is amazing, by comparison.

Anyway, then I just use the laptop arrow keys to step through each instrument in Reason –*I don't touch the controller except for the pitch bend and modulation knobs. I put the instruments in the rack in the order of the set list –*arrow down after each song.

Hope this helps? Though I'm not sure if this is a good way to do it. It's just what occurred to me to do.