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Smile PX7 Patches

Thank goodness for Props thinking of a DX to PX convertor!
I've crashed through a whole bundle of DX sounds I've found from various sources, which weighs in about 700MB. That's somewhere around 56,000 individual sounds, in who knows how many banks.
At the moment, I've not had chance to sort through for duplicates. No doubt there will be several, due to the nature of the beast.

How best to handle this?
What I did notice, just glancing through, were several banks which look like they're from DX Owners Club. Also, some looked like they were banks for TX816 & TX812.

Believe me, as I was involved with DXOC (co-opted by Tony Wride - mainly to be the librarian for DX9 sounds, and help out generally), sorting through all of this isn't going to happen with in a few hours or days. So, once those have been checked..... I can't give any timetable but, it could be so much released at a time. That's much as we used to do back with the DXOC..... We're talking almost 30 years ago!

Now.... How do I wangle getting single sounds converted from .syx? That's me thinking out loud, I guess! Who knows where I can get a good DX Library/Editor for Mac?
I've gone like HAL again! My mind is going - I can feel it!