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I can whole heartedly recommend the Intel i7 3770k on an Asus Sabertooth Z77. With 16 GB of RAM on Windows 8 64-bit, it absolutely flies and barely breaks a sweat at most RE's I throw at it. Running off of an SSD, I can boot from off to my desktop in about 10-12 seconds. The 3770k can overclock from its stock 3.5 Ghz to a blistering 4.2 Ghz easily, just on air cooling, and can be done automatically from the Sabertooth Z77's BIOS settings. It will overclock when needed, and underclock when not - saving valuable energy. I can rip a 1080p 20 Gig Bluray movie into a 1.2 Gig 720p file in about 30-35 minutes using 64-bit Handbrake.

You're bound to get a myriad of recommendations from this thread and this forum - we're all wanting to think that our money was well spent.
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