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1. i7 3770k or higher (6-core would be preferrable but about $1k) - capable of hitting 5ghz on watercooling
2. Asus P8Z77 V-Pro board - takes up to 32gb RAM and has plenty of PCI slots et al. for connecting interface/soundcards etc.
3. Corsair Vengeance RAM x 32gb pref.
4. On the cheap get the Storm Scout gamer case - easy assembly and has a nice carry handle or opt for something that will handle larger size mobo's - this will cost you around 100$+
5. For your purposes anything over 550w will suffice. I think I rock at 6 or 700w personally for safety when overclocking
6. black cavier HD/ Personally do not find the start up time to be much diff than solid state and certainly not worth the price imho but this is an underrated part that you dont want to skimp on. it holds all your data. you dont wanna fuck with that.
7. the econobrand one at microcenter for 15$
****8. H60 or H80 corsair water cooler - if you are building a comp for reason youre gonna need to overclock it realistically with the new 6.5 reracks especially. this is a REQUIREMENT both the corsair and OC.