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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
I'm no experienced mastering engineer, but from the little bit I learned while in school, the main compression you apply will be a multiband on the master insert, The idea is to get all the songs for a project to flow together well as they would on a cd and sound like they were done in the same place, on the individual songs in the mastering project the main thing being applied is EQ and or mulitiband compression (used sparingly of course since there's one on the master fader/insert) on each song so yes a compressor for each song. what ever the settings are going to be on the master I would leave set. I would suggest against automation of the master section imo since you're pursuing some slight sonic uniformity of the songs. The settings for the chains on each track may vary based on the track, as some tracks may require more or less bass...etc... to match up with the other songs.
If you dont know how to use compressors, much less multi-band compressors, the odds are that using a multiband on your master will completely rape your track. Considering a multiband compressor divides the final sound signal into 3 or 4 (essentially brickwall divided) sources, then individually attenuates them with compression values, then recombines said 3 or 4 sources into one, using the same divisions and settings for one song on TEN songs is a recipe for utter disaster. You would want to differentiate your chains per song - perhaps you have like the same general chain for all ten to give them the same overall sound, but individually you would want to tweak the chain parameters per song. and you could add an individual multicomp into the chain for each song with separate settings for each track. but there is no cookie cutter implementation of mastering. And frankly, great tracks dont really require much, if any mastering. If youre affecting more than 2db of gain on any sound of a track, its time to go back to the mix ideally.
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