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Using Balance as an interface/Working with Hardware Synth

Hello all,

I am looking at upgrading audio interfaces and have been looking at the RME models as well as FocusRite Saffire et al. models. I am also considering buying something that would fit directly into one of my available PCI slots on my motherboard. However, in the process, it occurred to me that Balance could actually suffice, depending on whether or not you can conceivably connect a hardware synth to Balance and record through that. Is this possible? Is there a way to quantize subsequent hardware recorded data or imputting a midi sequence into said Balance track line associated with said hardware synth.

Or am I going to have to use the hardware synth via midi in reaper, then record it as a sample and import as a wav into reason OR use rewire.

So my question to yall is thoughts on Balance vs. Focusrite vs. RME? - Cost efficiency is of importance FYI

and then how would yall recommend incorporating a hardware synth into my reason workstation?
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