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well I def agree with you, nothing I said is in fact a requirement by the laws of music computer design, but if you do plan on using your computer predominantly with reason, this requires a steadier strain on CPU and RAM than mixing it up with outboard gear and CPU/GPU hybrid plugins commonly used with other host DAWs. That coupled with the fact that if you are going to build a computer from scratch, you can get more bang for your buck and chances are you are going to want to increase your net Ghz output overtime, as software develops and recquires more and more of your internal parts, so having the freedom to push your internal parts to their structural limits without significant deterioration is, in my opinion, an inevitable necessity. Its definitely a more long-term, save you money later, type purchase, but if you have any interest in overclocking, which I find is also an inevitable decision for people who are willing to invest the time and money to create a custom built computer themselves, then it becomes mandatory for the purpose of achieving desired OC results.

By the way you seem like you probably know what youre talking about tech specs wise, pls check my new thread on interfaces if you have a suggestion. thanks
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