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Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
I was hoping I had come up with a potential loophole in that you could possibly truncate the audio (i think this is the term i mean) in such a way as to essentially "quantize" the wave, since I am not a professional pianist and will not be creating riffs perfectly in sync with 130bpm+ compositions (a true feat!)
recording via midi does have quantize and will align the notes appropriately as you play. with audio, you could record your riffs in segments and then align the start of those segments, as you can move clips around in the editor. You can also use the razor to slice the audio and move it.

The other idea would be to record at a slower speed and then up the tempo for playback.

Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
But basically what you are alluding to is that: theres no gain for me buying Balance vs. a third party product with more precedented usage, correct?
Not really. I was saying that Balance doesn't have MIDI, so if you want MIDI-I/O you also need a midi interface.

Balance is a superior quality audio interface and will work perfectly fine with any audio application on your computer, including youtube, watching movies, games, etc... It's not specific to Reason - except for the clip-safe feature, which if you do record a lot of audio it good to have.

You can get a USB to MIDI cable for under $20 to handle midi if you need that.

If you can afford Balance, I'd recommend it. It's on my list to purchase, but right now, I am totally happy with my m-audio mobile-pre interface. You can get a basic audio interface for $100 if you are on a budget (look at focusrite and m-audio).

Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
Also, in the interest of using a riff created using a hardware synth, would you want to have one interface that is a dedicated hardware interface for the input into reaper, THEN transfer that wave thru Balance directly into the reason mix, or would the sound be exactly the same in terms of room size etc. being simply recorded raw in reaper then imported as an audio into reasons sequencer? does that even make sense?
You only need one audio interface - two actually requires more advanced setup.

Record the audio via your audio interface into your software of choice, at which point you have it as digital audio. You can then export audio clips, whole tracks, or your entire mix as a WAV file that can be imported into any other audio software program.

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