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Quick update.....

There's a complete bank of TX816 voices. To get the full effect of those, what I'd recommend is finding out how the TX816 worked. Blocks of 6 voices come together to form the whole 'event' of 1 voice, spread over a complete 88 note keyboard.
TX816 (and TX812, 2 module version) linked in with the KX88 mother-keyboard. Along with a QX1, that made for a powerful (at the time) combination.

Anyz! First looks can be deceptive. Basically, I have 30 of the DXOC DX7 Banks. Originally, they came in (to Tony Wride - assisted by his lovely wife, Hilary) from various members around the UK. I have no idea of the grand total of voices received, but, judging from how many sheets I worked through (Yeah, very old skool using paper and pen), It would've been more than 30 banks worth. So, you have a good idea of how much there is to be worked through, to check.
As I said earlier, there's a complete series for TX816, that's banks of matched sounds. You could apply these in pairs for TX812.
** Not to be confused with TX81Z, as that was a 4-operator FM synth. Go look on sites for Vintage Synths for more information. I'm just going off the top of my head **
Also, I've spotted a few banks for DX5. (That was either a scaled up version of 2 DX7 in one case, or.... a scaled-down DX1, without the parameters display and weighted wooden keys.)
And, finally, there's just one bank of DX9 voices. Note - this only had 20 voices per bank compared to DX7 having 32 voices per bank.

After all that - I still have a mountain to climb sorting through everything. What I'm trying to do is see how many banks there are, without duplications. Unless you work through each voice in each bank, there's no easy way of checking for voice duplications. Names don't always help.

Break time!!

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