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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I THOUGHT I addressed them, or at least I intended to do so!

Here's what I wrote and haven't gotten a response to:

"In my ReDrum example above, which track would mute in the mixer when muting the sequencer track? And if you're in the mixer, and you mute ONE of the ReDrum tracks, it would ALSO mute the sequencer track, thus muting ALL of your tracks."

To those suggesting the feature, I'd like to hear how it would actually work with anything other than a one-to-one routing.

And thanks for everyone who's hanging in with this discussion - I know it's getting confusing and I appreciate everyone's patience. :-)

BTW, another Studio Vision user here - I believe the mute/solo linking you're referring to only applied to audio tracks? MIDI tracks were for external devices only, so those devices existed as audio in an external mixer on my setup - and the MIDI tracks were definitely NOT linked to the external mixer tracks!

Also, Pro Tools has MIDI tracks with their own mutes that are NOT linked to the audio tracks, even in the newer Instrument Tracks - again, because they are two separate functions there's no way to link them for any situation other than a one-to-one relationship. But I'm willing to listen to anyone's suggestion as to how to implement this - is there any other software solution that does this? :-)
I think whats confusing a lot of people is that they are used to the "One device, One track" concept of many newer DAWs. Also in Reason, midi tracks are separated from audio tracks (sequencer view vs. mixer view). In most other DAWs audio tracks and midi tracks are all on one screen so when you do run into weird issues, a lot of times it is easier to trace everything when it is all in one view. (Not all DAWs behave this way and the ones that do tends to confuse me at least). In Reaper audio/midi tracks can be the same thing but that creates a more confusing issue.

Reason has weird routing possibilities which can make a lot of muting rules tricky.

I think some type of rule could be created to solve many users issues with muting rules but at the same time it wouldn't be possible for it to work in all cases in Reason because of all of the routing possibilities.