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External Tempo control question:

I am finding it difficult to not feel disappointed. This is my 3rd request for any assistance over a month's time with no reply anywhere. What I am trying to do can't be all that uncommon...

I am using Reason 6.5 on a Mac. I have tried this on my windows pc to no success so I bought a new IMAC with hope that the problem would be resolved using entirely different hardware and OS.

Reason does not sync or process the midi clock tempo I send to it from any of my external Korg hardware sequencers.

I know the following debug facts:

1: the midi tempo clock part of the signal is being supplied to my MAC hardware. (I can use one external sequencer to drive the tempo on another external sequencer.)

2: general midi data such as note on/off is received by reason. (I can play notes on say thor using my external sequencer keyboard.)

3: I can assign external midi controls such as sliders to any applicable parameter in any reason rack.

4: I have set the preferences tab to reference the midi in line where the clock is going in.

5: I have switched from internal clock to external sync.

6: tempo value stays at default of 120 BPM even though my external midi clock tempo varies from as low as 20bpm to 300+ bpm.

7: I have used several different sound cards in addition to the onboard cards of both PC and MAC and this one function that did work in reason 3.0 does not work in 6.5