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sadly 2 slow :(

I always had regrets about it , why did I sell it in the first place ? ah yhea I remember I received a nintendo and the year after I whanted that sega 8 bit so my parents told me they would pay for half of it but I would have to pay the other half by selling some other stuff that I did not use anymore *#% !
I had it all the keyboard-computer , the disk driver and the joystick , I can even remember the cartridges that loaded up in the back of it .

this is the exact same set I had :

but I also had the printer

I cry now i hope you finded a collectionner or somebody that use you until you last charging noize !

I had a bestr friend that came twice a week and we was playing mad on it , my friend past away 15 years ago but I can still remember the fun and nervs we had playing with this c64 and I dont remember much things, partys and all but I will always remember the larfs we had playing when we was kids so for this thanks my dear old c64 .

ps: if you have kids let them play outside on the summers but let whinter be a video game period and get them a Wii or something .

the one that they do now are cool but2 slow to run reason like my other pc, I'm sad

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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