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Transferring cassettes into digital format

Hello All,

Any tips or best-practice suggestions on how to transfer old cassette recordings into digital files (WAV or AIFF I suppose)? I know professional transfer often involves baking analogue tapes. Would that be necessary or possible in this case? How would I go about doing that?

And what about cassette players: any recommended machines? Would the type of player make a great difference, or would anything be alright as long as it was clean? What's best for cleaning the playing head on a cassette player?

I've got a lot of old stuff on C60 and C90 cassettes, such as recordings of live gigs and quick recordings of song ideas on acoustic guitar with vocals. I plan to share some of the files with mates in far-flung places and I thought I might be able to bring the gig files into Reason to clean them up a bit first. How could I use Reason to make them sound their best? - noise reduction, EQ, limiting, er ...

As you can see, I've got lots of questions but little idea! So, if anyone has any ideas or experience of doing this I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,