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Originally Posted by tunnelsurf View Post
*integrate rebirth (discount for owners of rebirth)
Curiosity. I've never used/owned rebirth so correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this what the rebirth input machine does in Reason? I always thought it was integrated. Or is it more-so like the "integration" of line 6 devices and pod farm?

Originally Posted by tunnelsurf View Post
*allow the ssl mixer to be a device you can add and not static,
this way we can run reason in a "classic environment"
(like reason 5 and below) (without audio tracks) this would mean we can use the 14" mixer and not have all the routing combinator machine over every device. ( this will make reason more laptop friendly , creating more screen room for people who like to use reason as just as a sampler, synth tool and beatmaker) but still be able to have the benefits of using rack extentions and the ability to add features to the session with a click of a mouse. ( basically allow us to customize the layout of our sessions as we go)
As for this. It's already possible. You're not required to use the ssl mixer at all. plug everything into the 14:2 mixer and plug the 14:2 directly into the master section and you now have the classic reason setup from version 5 and lower. Save it as the default template and you good to go.

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