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Almost there with the first volume of sounds. I need a break to clear my head. (Vertigo vs Insomnia is not good at my age!)

The whole thing has brought back all these great memories from several times when a bunch of us from DXOC got together. We had conventions for members, featuring other members performing. I recall Ian Boddy did the first one, and he's a great guy too. Katrina Bihari? Where are you now? A certain gentleman introduced me to his son, who, later, was part of Bill Bruford's Earthworks: Ian Bellamy.
You can tell I've got fond memories from almost 30 years ago! That's how it was.

Where was I?
Almost there with the first volume. All I need now is somewhere to park this, and other refills. Once It's tested and checked, I'll issue a link.

Right now, I do need a break. Vertigo isn't much fun when you get to my age!