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How to connect.... RC-50/Reason/Nordstage, some kind of midi-problem


First... :

Reason 6.5
Octo-Capture Roland

that's what i've got..

I'd like to use RC-50 as a Master (guess I have to, as I experienced I can use reason only as a slave..) so the things on reason start playing when I'm using it. And I'd like to synchronize temp to the effects on the nordstage2 .. any Ideas?

I use the nordstage as midi-keyboard as well as I take the sounds of nordstage through octo-capture audioline into reason..

I assume I have to Connect RC-50 midi-out to octo-capture midi-in, then put midi-clock-synchronization in reason to external midi clock octo-capture..

can I now us midi-out on octo-capture and connect it to midi-in at norstage so that one get's synchronized? or do i have to buy a midi-spliter and connect midi out on rc50 to midi-in at nordstage?

I'm not very in to this, sorry.. maybe there's a complete other way?

thanks for any answer and suggestion.. maybe i can also get the sounds from reason directly into rc50? hell i don't know... ^^