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Originally Posted by frizzlo View Post
I'm still new to synths at the moment so I'm having trouble knowing whether PX7 is worth the money.
For those of you who are more experienced with synths and have tried out PX7, do you reckon I should buy it?? and maybe also tell me some good and bad points about it please :]

Also, if you don't think PX7 is a good synth to buy, should I go for Rob Papen Predator instead, or maybe something else?? (I don't want another analog synth, just got antidote)
I think its very good. Bought it direct after its release in shop (But know DX7 since many, many years, so I know what I get with this one). It´s absolutly worth that price. And there are a big bunch of free sounds on the market btw. you can find here in the forum.

But please, test it out yourselve (30 day´s free testing RE)!!!! And if you don´t test the other RE´s, download them all and compare ;-)

It´s really another kind of sound like Predator & Antidote and all the other stuff. So, I think nobody can tell you what´s the better deal for you.
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