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rack extension store, some ideas

Just some ideas:

- please add a "NEW RELEASES" page, list all rack extensions, new ones on top, same for the "HIGHEST RATE" best ones on top, maybe with pagination
- a developer page, so i can see all rack extensions of a specific dev
- better update history on detail page, not merged with the description
- allow external links on detail page for manuals or other downloads (bonus patches etc.) (not sure if this is already present)
- darker font color for better readability (for me its too greyish)
- some more styling possiblities in the description (headlines could be better recognized, ul/li listings instead of "-")
- mark rack extensions in list with icons for media (speakericon for mp3/soundcloud demos, tvicon for videos)
- paypal page is swedish if you want to pay, maybe changed it to english