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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
Curiosity. I've never used/owned rebirth so correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this what the rebirth input machine does in Reason? I always thought it was integrated. Or is it more-so like the "integration" of line 6 devices and pod farm?

As for this. It's already possible. You're not required to use the ssl mixer at all. plug everything into the 14:2 mixer and plug the 14:2 directly into the master section and you now have the classic reason setup from version 5 and lower. Save it as the default template and you good to go.
the rebirth input machine was used to rewire (for lack of better word)
rebirth into reason so you can use them together. Now a days and for a while now , rebirth has been not compatible with current operating systems, so the rebirth input machine is useless and no one can use rebirth with up to date os. My request was to include those tb 303 machines in a rack device so we can have the vintage rebirth sound.

i did demo reason 6 for a bit but didn't notice this was an option or might have forgotten. Thanks that seems like a solution that might get me to upgrade. Will it still create those mixer boxes around every device?
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