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Originally Posted by smeenz View Post
Okay - I took the plunge too - and yes, it sounds brilliant. For $40, this is defiantly a no-brainer as they put it.

Pros (so far after about 4 hours using it): The sound (duh). Its defiantly coloring everything, but not in a bad way. It sounds so much like my beloved old analog Triton console I nearly fell of my chair. Its also really easy to patch out to my digital console, so you can mix with a real desk, and use all the goodies of the software - very cool.

Cons: Very CPU hungry. Running 28 tracks with nothing on chewed up about 20% (i7 920 with 12gig RAM). With a full mix, comps and EQ all over the place and a single reverb VST - about 40%.

At first I was not into the whole bounce down tracks from my DAWs (Reason and Reaper), but Ive done a couple of test mixes now and Im getting my head around it. I think you need to change your mindset to see the Mixbus as the 'mixer' and use Reason as a creation tool. Don't do any processing, EQ or anything unnecessary - just make your song, then export the tracks into Mixbus. I kinda like that workflow, means you don't piss around with FX or mixing while you're creating music.

Anyways, just my 5 cents worth - still discovering more, but need to take a break for a few hours lol.
I too made the jump to mixbus for mixing. Are you still using any effects in reason before going to mixbus? I've invested all this cash in reason, and the new REs. I figure I need some basic VSTs on the master buss in mixbus, like reverb.