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Like we're really gonna get what we ask for. You have better luck asking Santa Claus for something and getting it. (From "Santa Claus"). I will try anyway. I would like to see Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC). Even tho I don't think we should have to wait for Reason 7 to get that, we can get that now with an update to Reason 6.5.5. Its really annoying buying almost every Rack Extension spending over $1,000 only to realize there is no ADC. So you can only use one RE at a time, any more than one and the delay becomes too much and makes your mix sound like crap. So the workflow now is, use one RE bounce the track back in, use another one, bounce the track back in, over and over on every track, and some REs (by themselves) delay your track by a lot so guess what, even if you just use that one RE, you have to bounce it back into Reason and try nudging it back to where you had it. Sometimes thats just too much to go through especially when in that creative zone. I don't want to have to do all of that so I just end up not using that particular RE which is a BIG WASTE OF MONEY.

Anyway... like I said, I think ADC should be at the top of the list since the introduction of Rack Extensions. But lets see what happens....
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