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Here's a way to add ANALYZERS in Reason 7

Circled in red...

1. they could add a "Show Analyzer" button on every combinator.

2. Also they could add show Analyzer for current combinator or for any combination of instruments.
To allow the user to see 1 - 2 - 3 etc.. or any number of instruments.

3. you wont need to solo a track in order to see it's spectrum.

4. For example, you can have your whole mix playing.... open any combinator.. let's say your kick drum combi and withing that kick combi choose which other instrument you want to Analyze against it with out having to solo any track in your mix !!

Of course they would need to implement a drop down list for you to choose an instrument you want to compare its spectrum with .

In my opinion having an Analyzer button on every combinator might make it unnecessary to have one floating around in it's own window. And also you'll be able to see it anywhere if you need to scroll down your rack !! unlike the current big meter in Reason

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