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Question Can anyone help me? I'm starting to loose the will...!

Basically I've already asked about this and got some help but I'm not anywhere nearer to solving my problem so I'm gunna ask again.

So, I wanna make some tutorial videos on youtube about reason, just synth patches and advice about using it etc. I have a Scarlett 2i2 interface and I'm using camstudio screen capture software.

My mic and headphone are both plugged into the Scarlett and when I open reason its outputting correctly through the Scarlett and I can hear the mic and synths clearly through my headphones.

When I hit the record button on camstudio it records the screen perfectly and is able to detect and record my mic, so on playback of the video I can hear myself talking. However it is unable to detect any sounds coming from reason, so on playback of the recording reason make no noise at all even though it is outputting and I can hear everything through my headphones.

So my question is, what am I doing wrong?

I believe the problem lies with camstudio and other programs I've tried (Camtasia, Audacity, Sound Forge etc) are assuming that the audio will be coming from the PC sound card and not from a usb device, ie the Scarlett. So all of them can record my mic but not the outputs from reason.

I could make reason output through my PC sound card and record 'windows stereo mix' but then I cant use my mic and the sound quality will be worse. And surely everyone else making tutorial videos wouldn't be faffing around like that?

So PLEASE! can anyone help?