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Originally Posted by PsyTale View Post
Its funny i have the same issue, i found a way but the sound wasnt good enough.

reasoner498 that sounds like something that could work well enough. Im going to try that out right away.
It doesnt work either, the audio channel for the main output does show activity in the mixer, but it doesnt allow me to record it because its not a proper selectable audio source in the audio channel.

Originally Posted by nhansen View Post
To take some load off the main machine (esp when doing audio) I'd suggest recording the actual video and audio on another machine, e.g. via remote desktop. Then it should also be easier to get the actual audio output. Else yeah, go with some virtual audio interface software (Jack, Soundflower etc.)
They all have the same issue, no trick works. I tried many things none work. They all just are not able to record the main output of the soundboard i use. (Projectmix IO)