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Before I start, this is pure opinion, I'm no guru (listening to my shit makes that patently obvious) and I wouldn't expect you to take what I say as Gospel, but...

Overall it's a good track, if you're having trouble with the mix sounding 'muddy' or instruments cancelling each other try and carve some space for them using the HP/LP filters and pan pots on the SSL strip. If that can't be done then I would reconsider your choice of instrument/timbre and perhaps tweak the synth or start over with a new one more suitable to the dynamic landscape of the track.

As for the kick; I'd maybe layer it with something to give it a little 'click' up front to fetch it out a tad in the mix, it seems to have a lot of sub dynamics in the tail too so maybe curb that ever so slightly. I would also side chain virtually everything, not to cause any pumping (the SC you have after the first drop is cool though), just a subtle bit of ducking to gibve the kick more room without upping the volume/velocity.

The arrangement is OK, but I think the two big breakdowns are in some respects, arse about face. The first one has a good build-up to the drop, but the second one kinda just poodles along without any real climax, as such the drop is relatively insignificant - whereas this second drop should be massive.

In essence, I'd swap the two main breaks round (in terms of what they are up to dynamically), the first one doesn't need to be as big, build-up/drop-wise, it's just a bit of breathing space for the dance-floor to having just come out of the climax of the previous track and mixed into this one. I'd also pull it forward a bit in the arrangement.

In terms of the drop, I'd also add a beat or so of near silence/radical filtering to magnify the drop when it comes.

Incidentally, a track of that length I would expect the first and last 16/32 bars to be minimal for mixing in/out. A radio edit might come in with the 'intro' you have, but then only run for 3' 30"-4'.00". In terms of a remix/EP you can do what you want - which you can anyway, it's your track.
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