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Originally Posted by dacess123 View Post
Would anyone else love to have something like this in Reason? I find it's so easy to get great vocals with V-Vocal. Neptune is a great tool too, especially for the real-time play-ability (very cool) but for clinical and more natural sounding edits it's not really up to the task. V-Vocal and mixer groups on the SSL would be perfect.
Not a big fan of V-vocal.

Autotune/Melodyne sounds more better to my ears.

Any of these type of processors would be hard to emulate with current RE technology.

Autotune (Automatic mode only) would probably be the easiest to do, because I don't think the RE technology has the GUI functionality to show piano rolls and midi data. Also Vvocal/Melodyne works with Audio that is preanalyzed. I don't think REs can do any of that type of preanalysis of audio in its offline state (I could be wrong). Most DAWs don't even do this. Sonar does this with Vvocal only becasue Vvocal is built into Sonars interface. Studio One can work this way with Melodyne because it uses a new ARA technology which integrates the plug-in more into the DAW than traditional VSTs does. Other DAWs have to use something similar to a "recording" method in order get the audio to be preanalyzed into the plug-in which IMO is somewhat clunky but hey it works.

And another big issue would be latency. Reason devices that have to preanalyze incoming audio by a small amount does this by increasing the latency. Reason in its current form has no way to compensate for this type of latency.

This is already a problem in many Reason devices now that have to preanalyze audio (Vocoder, Neptune, Maximizer, Polar, Ozone, Bitspeak, and others).

I think Props need to get this sorted out before they go too hard in making devices that can't be compensated for easily (comparing this to other DAWs that does this automatically).

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