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Originally Posted by vivadangermouse View Post
In which case, the delay compensation would need to be done at the mixing stage.
Yeah, exactly, which only works in other sequencers as everything is mixed at one point (after the channels and all their plugins). Again, what other DAWs do is either play the one channel a bit too early or delay all other channels, but its important that this happens at the same stage so everything else is in sync.

Originally Posted by onemidi View Post
I don't know how he doesn't know these things claiming to be a Professional Engineer. I wasn't even going to answer him, but thanks for clearing that up. Don't be surprise if he respond to your post saying that you're wrong and he's right because he went to acoustic school and has a song on iTunes. LOL
Being dismissive and not even daring to answer me but talking about me in third person is definitely a good way to display your superiority, yes

Okay, imagine this: A synth makes a sound, a compressor with inherent delay is used to compress it, after that compressor theres a gate plugin that has a CV output that you want to use to control the synthesizer again. What does plugin delay compensation do there? It can't do shit cause of time and logic. But that can't happen in other DAWs cause you have channel->plugin->plugin->plugin->mixbus but in Reason it can, thats why you would need displays to show where the delay happens.

Also you can go to the website of the theater in case you don't believe my signature ^^ What did I ever do to you? You were the one *trying* to ridicule me.
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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