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Originally Posted by HBovens View Post
I would like to have support for blocks that don't start on the first beat.

Right now I'm having trouble with a block that needs to start on the last 16th note of a bar. I tried to put that note at the last 16th note of the block, and inserting the block in the song with the correct offset, but the issue is that it is a long note. When the block restarts at the beginning, the note is interrupted.

The only way I can make this work is to add a bar at the beginning of the block that is empty except for the last 16th. But then the block doesn't repeat as it should, so I have to change the offset each time the block restarts.
I have (had) the same problem as you and stopped using blocks for this reason.
But hang in there, perhaps Dub008 will chime in with a solution for us?
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