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Reason 7 Major Upgrade Top Ten List

Here a list of much needed upgrade for reason 7

1) ability to group mixer tracks and more colors for tracks
2) Upgrade to re-drum ability to see at least 5 patterns at once
3) Keys should light up when pressed or played to see melody pattern
4) a new effect module that triggers tape stop, stutter effect, rewind, speed up and slow down.
5) new outputs on kong for easier ability to separate drum tracks
6) a new module for great piano and orchestral sounds similar to hollywood expansion in refx nexus
7) faster loading of drum samples and patches some patches take like 1 min to load up
8) Recycle integration automatically into reason so we can chop samples all in the same program not chop in recycle and import in reason.
9) dedicated Soundfont module with ability add re-verb and effects in the player itself.
10)a Feature that can automatically route drums on separate tracks instead of have to toggle front and rear and manually doing it.

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