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New Collaboration between Raymond Hayter and Carl Grace: Come Back to Me

Raymond Hayter and I just finished a new electro track using a TON of Antidote instances. Check out Raymond's awesome synth solo towards the end!

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Come Back to Me
Raymond Hayter and Carl Grace

We’re getting older
We’ve got so much to lose
We need to take control
We need to choose

We’re getting wiser
Learning from our mistakes
We will succeed
We’re doing what it takes

When you’re far away
Come back to me!
Every night and day
Come back to me!
I want you by my side
Come back to me!

I want to hear your voice
Come back to me!
I want to be your choice
Come back to me!
Don’t wanna hurt inside
Come back to me!

I made a mistake
Letting you get away
I’d love to go back
Change how I was that day

This is my story
I put it into song
Maybe we can figure out
What we think went wrong
New Pacific Deep track, Expire. Album out soon!

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