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Figure and iphone

Just got an iphone and have been messing around with Figure (which is awesome). I've been using Figure to make ringtones, but I've come up against something of a wall. What I would like is an easy way to get Figure files onto a DAW to be mixed with other tracks both on my iphone and my mac (some things are just easier to do on a desktop machine, but I don't always have the time to work at home). I've tried GarageBand, which is OK, but has some drawbacks including being unable to import .band files from desktop version of GB to iphone version. Also, although I've never used audiocopy, I understand that it attaches key and tempo tags to the files. It doesn't look like GB works with audiocopy, so I am having to match tempo, bar position, and key by hand which isn't that hard, but takes time nonetheless.

So, for other Figure users, have you got any ideas? What has been your best set-up? Thanks for the help.