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Let me introduce myself...

Hey Reason Fam, I figured it was time I posted something on this forum. I have been in the shadows over the last year mainly in the user forum gathering tips and ideas. I have been making music for a while starting way back in the day mainly in the Hip Hop realm but I also have a love of House music. I started my journey from the humble beginnings of my casio Cz-101 and 808 drum machine along with my trusty 4-track recorder and made my way thru the Roland W-30..MPC60..and finally ending using my MPC3000 for many years. I fumbled with some software when I finally switched from hardware to software about 10 years ago. I messed with CubaseVST and then FL Studio and just made the jumpo to Reason 6 almost 1 year ago. I am truly diggin it man! I haven't been this creative in a LONG time and I'm looking forward to learning this program and making some good music. I love what i'm hearing on this forum and also the tips and tricks from some Reason vets I've been gathering over the last year. Anyway, enough rambling. I just wanted to say what's up and look forward to hearing what everyone is making as well as putting in some of my own time in the studio. Feel free to check me out on Soundcloud and give some creative input and thoughts, good or bad! Be easy on my mixing, i'm still wrapping my head around Reason and i'm no engineer.
Good to be here and hope to contribute down the line.
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